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What is Foreign Language

The study of foreign languages is more relevant than ever in the global community of the 21st century. Knowledge of a foreign language is often a requirement for students seeking an advanced degree. It is an invaluable asset for anyone seeking international employment or any career that involves global partnerships. For everyone, learning another language enriches communication skills, deepens cultural understanding, and gives an edge in business, academic research, and social engagement.

Why foreign languages?






The future of learning of foreign languages is at present at an all time high with newer avenues opening up each day. When we talk of learning languages from a career point of view then it is expected of the person to be able to learn the of new languages fluently and be able to speak the language as well as write it. The study of languages at this level includes learning of communication skills, grammatical structure and being able to comprehend the writing, speaking, listening and reading part of the language.

Travel, Tourism & Airlines


BPO / KPO Sector


Education & Learning

Importance of Foreign Languages

Foreign Civil Service

Foreign Civil Service

As a foreign civil, or public, servant in civil service, you’ll work overseas for a governmental department or agency, aside from the military. This type of position revolves around foreign affairs and international relations. Individuals with degrees in language are prime candidates, due to the fact that you’ll be placed abroad and likely in a country in which the primary language is not English.

Airline Services

Airline Services

In working with an airline that flies internationally, you’ll have passengers from all over the world on every international flight. This isn’t to say you will be required to speak in every passenger’s native tongue, but most likely, you’d be flying back and forth from the U.S. to the same foreign country, and you will need to know both English and the language of that country. For example, if you’d work for Spanish airline Iberia, you would need to speak both Spanish and English

Editing and Publishing

Editing and Publishing

The editing and publishing industry includes but is not limited to newspapers, magazines and publishing houses. In fact, most businesses require someone on staff with copy editing abilities to proofread and clean up written work, like newsletters, press releases and important documents. Additionally, there are likely more businesses than you could ever possibly imagine whose daily proceedings demand for bilingual and/or multilingual employees.



No matter what the medical situation is – whether it be a regular check-up or a surprise trip to the emergency room – the first people you’re going to deal with, and frankly, the people you’re going to interact the most with, are the nurses. While knowing a second language isn’t a nursing requirement, nurses that can help someone struggling with the native language of the doctor’s office or hospital they’re in are invaluable.

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